About Habitat for Horses Advisory Council

The Habitat for Horses Advisory Council (HfHAC) is the brainchild of Jerry Finch, President of Habitat for Horses (HfH) one of the largest all breed, horse protection organizations in the United States.  For well over a decade the volunteer members of HfH have witnessed, rescued and rehabilitated literally thousands of equine victims of abuse and neglect.  Through education and public outreach HfH has made a significant and positive impact on the welfare of horses in Texas and surrounding states, but still there existed a need to reach into the courts and the government of the United States to effect proactive change to the perception and protection of American horses.

Through brainstorming, with the likes of author/publisher Steven Long, author/writer R.T. Fitch and other equine advocates, the concept of forming a legal and politically active organization concentrating on the regulatory and judicial concerns of the American Equine was born as HfHAC “The Legal Voice for the American Equine”.

HfHAC is comprised of a sitting council of like minded equine welfare oriented organizations and individual advocates who through either themselves or their groups are unable to pursue the required research, litigation and lobbying that is required to progress relevant issues imperative to furthering the safety and well being of horses, both domestic and wild, in the United States.

HfHAC is a collective “think tank” of years of benevolent, equine related experience focused on putting itself “out front” of issues such as wild horse decimation, horse slaughter, equine abuse and neglect while researching and reacting upon the best course of action required to terminate such atrocities and resolve outstanding equine protection issues for the very last time.

HfHAC is truly “The Legal Voice of the American Equine” and sets the standard ethically, legally and professionally representing the iconic American Horse, whether before the Bench or in the halls of Congress.

Jason Meduna Mustangs
Five BLM Mustang survivors of Jason Meduna's Three Strikes Ranch, upon arrival, at Habitat for Horses ranch in Hitchcock, Texas.
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